My mom was in a car accident. She’s ok. But the call was extremely terrifying. And I was SOOOO PISSED. I was SO Angry. And while I was driving 100 million mph, I kept yelling at God, “You were supposed to Protect Her!” I mean I was SO mad at Him. I kept saying over and over, “Where was her protection? Where was her protection.” And I got there, pouring out in uncontrollable tears hugging her, as she kept saying, I’m ok. And a few minutes later, I asked, “What Happened?” And she tells me. And my questions of ‘Where was her protection’ started to fade. Because…

I’ve been trying to get my mom to wear her seatbelt for 30 years…. and today, she just happened to wear it. And I look at the car Recall that has had airbags killing people, and her airbag simply gave her a headache. And I look at where the accident happened, on a bridge at a light, and realize she wasn’t going 80mph on a freeway. No high speed involved. And she just bought Brand New Car. But for some reason switched to use her old car this morning. And I ask today, “Where was her protection?” And I SEE it now.

God isn’t going to work the way you want (yeah, we know that)… But in Deeper Realization, I see He’s not going to PROTECT you the way you want Him to Either.

Honestly, I still feel slightly angry and mad and scared and hurt, because NOTHING is supposed to happen to my mom. No bumps, bruises, scrapes, or pain. Cuz that’s my mama!! But I have to TRUST that the bumps and bruises she does get… Could be SO much Worse, and that His angels, may not stop the bruises, but they are Still surrounding her and stopped so much more that I couldn’t see.

Lord help me not get so angry when something happens.
Ya’ll Pray for our family relationship as well!