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UNP did an excellent job with this song. Creativity & Style were great! Some unique items were done which garnered definite praise. Work on the pocket though!

UNP Creates. UNP Creates Originals. UNP Creates Original Music. UNP Creates Original Music that Sells. From Smooth R&B to New Orleans Shuffle; From Jazz to Jingles; From Classical to Movie Score; Hip Hop and Beyond…WE ARE UNPrecendented Music!

UNP Music - Unprecedented Music

UNP Music is an upcoming band/music corporation that is attempting to change the standard. Started in February of 2013, they are now comprised of Vocalists, Keyboardists, Drummers, Bass Players, Guitarists, Saxophonists, & Song Writers.

Their goal is to create original music for sale, becoming a Music Corporation that Artists come to for Hits.

Listen to them cover Jill Scott’s “He Loves Me” by clicking on the SoundCloud above.

For Booking, please visit www.UNPmusic.com or email: booking@unpmusic.com |