“I’ve been Discriminated against for 70 years,
& they might as well discriminate against me
in DEATH as well as LIFE.”

THESE are the words of a #Lesbian denied the Right to be buried next to her Wife in a Veteran’s Cemetery…….I’m sorry, but THAT just #HurtsMyHEART.

You don’t have to #AGREE with someone’s Choices in order to grant them the Right to decide for themselves!!!!

Just because someone believes in #Buddah doesn’t mean I make a Law PREVENTING them from building a Buddhist Temple.

And to my Traditional CHRISTIANS: Preventing people the right to be #FREE & #CHOOSE is the same as North Korea jailing you for spreading Christianity.
I’m Christian… but Dang People. Some stuff is just Obvious & Sad. Did you know, the #KKK‘s policies are built on #Christian Principles.  To them, they were standing up for what they TRULY believed was God’s way.

So WHEN IN DOUBT…I defer to, “BUT THE GREATEST OF THESE IS #LOVE!” Let’s not forget that!