My eyes grow bigger and bigger with every season.  Like a kid on Christmas Morning waiting to open his presents of Pizza, Chips, Pool, & a Superbowl Win… But nooooo, they wasn’t ready!!!! (in my Kevin Hart voice).  It seems every time they get ready to play… someone passes Matt Ryan a slip of paper that reads, “Lose the game, and we’ll pay you a Bazillion Dollars!” And for some reason, he believes it…. EVERY TIME!

Seems we make it to the Playoffs, and get let down Every Time.

Seems they do JUST enough to keep our hopes up, just to inevitably let us down. BUT I’M THRU.  In my Benjamin Barry mood… I finally realize… He’s Just Not That Into You! — The Falcons JUST AREN’ THAT INTO WINNING!!!

I walked into this season saying I’m not supporting them any more.  And after the video above showing the worst interception in HISTORY…I can pretty much officially state that Jesus himself was smh’ing from Cloud 8.  It’s reasons like These, for why I will NOT support the Falcons UNTIL they have reached the Superbowl.  I’m sorry, I know I know I know, you’re supposed to support them thru the thick and then, but quite frankly, this isn’t a Marriage!  This is a DATE!  And certain kinds of support are EARNED.

Relationally speaking, I’m not going to support you, be there for you, and wipe your tears, when you cheat on me, let me down, and stand me up, AGAIN AND AGAIN.

But when you apologize and FINALLY STOP putting forth the BULL… then we can talk!

So YES, I’m saying FALCONS…..YOU SUCK.  And if you want my support again…. MAKE IT TO THE SUPERBOWL.  Until then, I officially support any team that has ever beaten them!  Such as the Saints……. (oooooohhhhh…touchy!!!!)