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With Great Talent...SHOULD Come Great Humility...at least that's what our moms teach us! DON'T LOSE YOURSELF!


Richard Sherman gets caught up in the moment and loses his cool.

Richard Sherman gets caught up in the moment and loses his cool.

The rant heard around the world.  Richard Sherman went Postal on national television after making the Game-Winning Defensive play!  GRANTED… it was smooth.  It was flawless.  It was a play that spoke for itself…. SO WHY WAS HE SPEAKING FOR THE PLAY!?

He made a Great play, securing the win against the San Francisco 49ers, and specifically Crabtree.  Game Over.  Sherman does an interview and Goes Ballistic.  Shouting I’m the Best Corner in the NFL!  Don’t talk about me.  You put me up against a sorry receiver like Crabtree…etc. etc. (paraphrased of course)….Basically…  Sherman showed his *arse* that day!  It caught everyone off guard… including the interviewer.  She even asked, “Who was talking about you?” Implying a slight tone of dude… you sound Stupid! Click the picture to the right to view it.  All in all, it was extremely Immature!  Low-Class…and Conduct Unbecoming an NFL Player.  TRUE!!!  But what’s the reasoning behind it… and are those words deserved?

Richard Sherman tells Skip Bayless, "In my 24 years of life...I'm better at life than You!"

Richard Sherman tells Skip Bayless, “In my 24 years of life…I’m better at life than You!”

Richard Sherman Furthermore, Challenges Skip Bayless’ LIFE!

On his interview with First take, Richard Sherman would not answer any of Skip’s questions, constantly cut him off, and more importantly, made several comments regarding the validity of Skip’s accomplishments and livelihood.

Sherman stated,

“Whenever you address me, you address me as All Pro Stanford Graduate… You’ve never accomplished anything… In my 24 Years in Life, I’m Better At Life Than You! … I’m better than you!…You are Ignorant.  Pompous.  Egotistical.”

Yet, Sherman also stated that when those things were said to him… that they were low class comments.


What you didn't hear!?!?

What you didn’t hear!?!?

The shove that started it all!

So Sherman’s actions were completely WRONG… but were they justified?

Click on the video to the right, and you can hear the Live Sound Feed from Sherman’s helmet when the first altercation occurred.  Sherman apparently, said, “Hell of A Game!” and extended his hand to Crabtree.  Crabtree then pushed him… and as Sherman tends to do… he vents to those whom he interacts with next.  And so you saw him on the interview.  Now… I disapprove of his actions, BUT… can definitely understand when tensions are high, adrenaline is rushing, and the guy you just tried to congratulate just shunned you.  So you know what…I forgive you for yelling on National TV.  BUT… the interview with Skip Bayless was days later.  Was completely uncalled-for and even after having time to think… You Challenged someone’s PURPOSE in Life and their Accomplishments.  Dude…That’s just foul.  You’re Great!  But you are NOT the Greatest who ever Lived.  You’re Not God.  And your lack of Humilty OVERSHADOWED your accomplishment.  THESE ARE THE VERY THINGS WE TEACH OUR KIDS NOT TO DO!!!  And here you are… in all your 24 years of life… Forgetting the Very Principles you were raised on!

With Great Talent…SHOULD Come Great Humility…at least that’s what our moms teach us! DON’T LOSE YOURSELF!