Dear Derrick,

I recently met a guy, and I like him.  The problem is, I met another guy and have begun to like him too.  I’m not exclusive with either one, but is it okay to date 2 people at the same time? Confused Lover!

Dear Confused Lover, It all depends on your maturity level and communication! What you’re describing is Multiple Dating. For me, that gets a little dangerous and I prefer not to do it.  For that exact reason.  Eventually you’ll have to decide and someone will Most Likely end up hurt.  If you lead one of them on and make them think that they are Your One & Only, that can backfire in a second.  If you’re open in communication with them, letting them know that you don’t want to move too fast, it can work…but if they get wind that you’re entertaining someone else…they may get mad and try to find someone else who is entertaining Only them.

There’s no Wrong or Right way.  It depends on You…THEM… Your Communication levels… and what you’re able to deal with.

Some people can handle Multiple Dating…for me… It’s Less Stressful when I try to get to know One person at a time!